AIM XTRA 2.02 released

25 January 2015

The new AIM XTRA 2.02 has been released. Included in the hardware upgrade is the MAX8Q GPS module - an incredibly accurate and sensitive GPS receiver. The new unit has much faster acquisition and improved lock!

AIM USB 3.0 released

15 February 2013

The new AIM USB 3.0 has been released! It has plenty of new features including battery voltage and temperature recording. It is also smaller than the AIM USB 2.0.

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01 January 1970

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AIM XTRA GPS flight computer

The AIM XTRA is a complete GPS flight tracking computer. Tracks up to 30km (~20 miles) line of sight (with included antennas) with an accuracy of approx 10m (3 feet) using the AIM BASE radio receiver. With a Yagi antenna connected to the AIM BASE, over 100km tracking range is possible!

Packages - fast shipping via EMS

The AIM XTRA 2.0 is a GPS electronic payload, incorporating a RF transmitter and additional sensors for a complete telemetry system.

The AIM XTRA makes use of an advanced Swiss engineered avionics GPS for precision airborne location tracking. GPS co-ordinates are stored onboard flash memory, as well as being transmitted to a ground base station (AIM BASE) which connects via USB to a PC, laptop or even a netbook.

Thats just the beginning... The XTRA includes a pressure sensor capable up to 100k feet. This allows for very accurate altitude readings. The GPS and pressure sensor work together to give vertical accuracy and resolution.

Also included is a 105g linear accelerometer for motor characterisation and flight analysis. An onboard triple axis 16g accelerometer adds resolution and accuracy vertically, while giving you extra latteral acceleration data. An onboard temperature sensor is also inlcluded. A 3 axis gyroscope gives rotation data. Additionally, a 3 axis magnetometer offers magnetic field data.

There are 4 high current (40 amps continious) output channels available which can be configured to fire for any duration using multiple triggers (altitude, apogee, velocity, time).

Each output channel can be used as an input channel to sample an external sensor such as a thermocouple mounted on your motor, or even a pressure transducer located inside your motor.

All this information is relayed in realtime to your PC via the AIM BASE receiver. The AIM XTRA includes a very powerful (50mW) transmitter opperating in the 432-434 MHz band.

Best of all: it's so easy to use! The AIM XTRA is fully USB compatible. It doesn't use translators which emulatate RS232. This really is a fully "Plug and Play" solution.

Purchased the AIM XTRA and looking for information?

Your AIM XTRA includes the ability to have its onboard software (firmware) upgraded by the user from his or her PC. Your altimeter includes the latest firmware available when shipped.

Because software changes can lead to different behaviour, we have to make sure you get the correct manual corrosponding to the firmware loaded onto your device.
We have included everything nescesary for you to get started in a convenient "package".

A list of downloads is availble on the left menu.

Key features (AIM XTRA 2.0 with latest firmware)

  • Kalman filtered GPS ejection!
  • 100% USB connectivity - no drivers needed!
  • Swiss engineered aeronautical GPS.
  • 50mW transmitter with ULTRA sensitive receiver
  • > 30km tracking range with AIM BASE receiver (LOS)!
  • 100g linear accelerometer
  • 16g triple axis accelerometer
  • triple axis gyroscope
  • triple axis magnetometer
  • 4 MB flash memory inlcluded (enough for thousands of data points)
  • High sample rates (~ 100/s on primary sensors)
  • 4 x 40 amp (continuous) outputs
  • Outputs double as auxiliry inputs
  • Ejection settings
    • Apogee
    • Time
    • Accent altitude
    • Decent altitude
    • Peak velocity
  • 2x helical antennas included for AIM XTRA
  • 1x rubberized quater wave antenna included for AIM BASE
  • Configurable on-time for all ejection lines
  • Data is stored in non-volatile flash memory.
  • Free custom designed software for downloading data and changing settings.
  • No data kit required - connect directly to the altimeter with a mini-USB cable (not included).

Firmware and software upgrades

Please download the latest "package" for your device on the left. If you dont know your "bootloader" version, just select the latest version and the software will tell you if you have an older bootloader.

Upload and compare!

Email us your flights and we will put them up under the AIM XTRA flights section.


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High quality GPS data Analyse Interfacing software
AIM XTRA flight

The AIM BASE receives high quality GPS data which can be viewed directly from within the intrefacing application or in Google Earth.
AIM XTRA flight analysis

With so much data, flight analysis is easy with the AIM XTRA
AIM XTRA software

The interfacing software is custom designed for the AIM BASE. It's fast, and will run comfortably on older laptops/netbooks.