AIM XTRA 2.02 released

25 January 2015

The new AIM XTRA 2.02 has been released. Included in the hardware upgrade is the MAX8Q GPS module - an incredibly accurate and sensitive GPS receiver. The new unit has much faster acquisition and improved lock!

AIM USB 3.0 released

15 February 2013

The new AIM USB 3.0 has been released! It has plenty of new features including battery voltage and temperature recording. It is also smaller than the AIM USB 2.0.

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01 January 1970

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Although we specialise in custom designed electronics, we do market and suport some of our own products.

AIM Series

The AIM series of products are designed for model rocket enthusiasts, but can also be used for a variety of other purposes.

AIM USB Barometric model rocket deployment flight computer with integrated USB AIM USB 2.0

AIM XTRA GPS tracking flight computer with integrated telemetry AIM XTRA
AIM BASE USB telemetry receiver for the AIM XTRA AIMBASE 1.1