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AIM USB 4 released

13 November 2017

The new AIM USB 4 has been released! The new AIM USB is 100k feet capable and features 40 amp ejection transisters as well as a tinly 65mm x 25mm PCB size. The unit also includes a micro USB cable used with most modern phones.

AIM XTRA 2.02 released

25 January 2015

The new AIM XTRA 2.02 has been released. Included in the hardware upgrade is the MAX8Q GPS module - an incredibly accurate and sensitive GPS receiver. The new unit has much faster acquisition and improved lock!

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Nicholas Sunderlin

05 August 2012

"We finally had a clear day and an FAA waiver for our launch yesterday. We launched an L1115. We were aiming for 10,000ft and got roughly 9600ft. We are Unbelievably happy with your AIM XTRA gps unit. Soon after launch we lost visual of the rocket into the clouds and never regained site of it. During the flight we continuously received data from the unit and tracked it. Due to the high winds we found it in a corn field about a mile away. Everything worked without a flaw. Attached is the kml and csv file obtained from the unit after recovery. We never lost signal and found it within 10 feet of the gps coordinates on the unit. I absolutely love this AIM XTRA. Nicholas Sunderlin - University at Buffalo"

Justin Gomersall

03 August 2012

"We launched today with the new 7.4v 800mah battery. The launch was perfect and the below graph confirms this."

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AIM ACCEL Rocket Altimeter

The AIM ACCEL provides flight recording and recovery in one, and is used in model rocketry and other novel applications. No data kit is required - just connect directly with USB! The AIM ACCEL also includes a 16g triple axis accelerometer.

Purchased the AIM ACCEL and looking for information?

Your AIM USB altimeter includes the ability to have its onboard software (firmware) upgraded by the user from his or her PC. Your altimeter includes the latest firmware available when shipped.

Because software changes can lead to different behaviour, we have to make sure you get the correct manual corrosponding to the firmware loaded onto your device.
We have included everything nescesary for you to get started in a convenient "package".

A list of downloads is availble on the left menu.

Features (AIMACCEL 1.0)

  • Only 25mm in width and 85mm in length! Minimum diameter projects are easier to do!
  • You can use any power source from 6v to 14v, including small batteries like a 12V A23.
  • Maximum altitude in excess of 45000ft MSL.
  • Record an unlimited number of flights totaling just over 30 minutess Unlimited flight recording.
  • Beep-out of the altitude on recovery.
  • Ejection events are recorded - very useful for debugging!
  • Device firmware updates can be done by the user. No need to send it back to the supplier.
  • Continuity checking on all lines on power-up.
  • Battery voltage and free memory pre-flight checks.
  • Ejection settings
    • Apogee
    • Time
    • Accent altitude
    • Decent altitude
    • Peak velocity / motor burn-out
  • Configurable delays for all ejection lines
  • Configurable on-time for all ejection lines
  • All data is stored in non-volatile flash memory.
  • Free custom designed software for downloading data and chaning settings.
  • No data kit required - connect directly to the altimeter with a mini-USB cable (not included).

Firmware and software upgrades

Please download the latest "package" for your device on the left. If you dont know your "bootloader" version, just select the latest version and the software will tell you if you have an older bootloader.

Upload and comapre!

Upload your flight profiles to the site where you will be able to compare your flights to others!