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About Entacore

Established in January 2007, Entacore Online has been delivering unique, custom built web based solutions to our multinational clients, finding success in our meticulous approach towards quality development and innovative website design.

Our emphais on quality

Entacore Online focusses on hand crafted, specially suited software. We focus on your needs as a customer. Other companies use Joomla and Wordpress - or perhaps some other downloaded software - none of it hand crafted. We can do a Wordpress or Joomla site for you, but wouldn't you prefer a site made specifically to your requirements, giving you full control in an easy to use system?

Our products

Have a look at some of our products to get an idea of what we provide, from simple and inexpensive sites, to one that use the powerful Pivot CMS. Our pricelist is a good page to look at to get an idea of the pricing structure - as you will see you can get a great site, and it's in your price range!

Our history

We started off in January 2007, two students developing a website - presidentsaward.co.za. Being new at the game, it took some time to make the site go live, but it turned out very rewarding to all. Since then, we have worked on more than 200 websites, each of them unique, and each of them hand crafted and done with pride. Our clients are from all over the world; South Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom, Kenya and beyond. Have a look at more of our history and feel free to contact us if you want to know anything more.

Our ethics

Since the beginning, we have concentrated on behaving ethically, being open and honest with our clients, and taking the responsibility for mistakes we made. Have a look at more of our ethics and feel free to contact us if have anything positive or negative to send our way.

Our work

As all startups do, we have made errors in the past, such as underquoting clients or promising delivery too soon. The difference is that we have learned from these mistakes, and fully admit to them. Our work is constantly analysed within and without the company, to ensure it's adherence to the necessary requirements. We put in every effort to generate great quality and great innovation. Have a look at a more of our work and some examples of it.

Our goals

We are a greatly enthusiastic company, and have endless ideas on how to make things work, how best to take on tasks, and what's new and exciting in the world of technology. Our goal is to grow Entacore Online into a name that is know even farther and wider than it is now. Have a look at more of our goals and feel free to contact us if have anything you're interested in talking to us about.