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Professional Copy Editors

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Entacore provides a number of copy editors to ensure your content is correct and accurate. We also offer services whereby your website copy can be, from beginning to end, crafted and put together for you by our competent team. All done to take the weight off your shoulders and provide cutting edge, user friendly content from the start.

Colleen Figg

Colleen Figg has been proofreading all kinds of material - both hard and electronic copy - for companies since 2005. This includes checking for correct grammar and syntax as well as spelling and stylistic usage. Aesthetic consideration is also taken. This includes the layout of the text on the pages, structure of paragraphs and pictures/graphics, including design concepts, amongst other issues. The aim is to produce an holistically complete work that is representative of the company's ethos and profile, upholds its reputation and enhances its appeal to existing and future clients.

The full range

Colleen Figg has also proofread materials ranging from theses, to user manuals, to HAACCP and ISO9001 unit standards, to marketing documentation such as product catalogues, a large variety of website content, quotations, sales material and more.

Price List

Product Description Price
Short document / material per word For short documents or material the rate can often be best established on a per-word basis.
from R 4.00/w
from USD 70c/w
Long document per word For a long documents or material the rate can be reduced on a per-word basis.
from R 3.00/w
from USD 50c/w
Hourly rate Any document or material, no matter the size, is usually most econmical and easiest to budget for and put on the books.
from R 200.00/h
from USD $ 35.00/h
Contracts are 100% customisable. Contact us for more info or to make an order.