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Social Network feeds

22 March 2012

We are updating our Social Network links to post more up to date content and current news to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Learn about our new products and offers as they arrive!

Website fixup!

06 March 2012

Entacore Online is proud to anounce a new service - Website fixup. Got a site you don't like? Did the other developers make a mess of it? Is it just plain broken? We can fix it for you.

We can re-create, edit, fix, re-structure, style, change or completely redo your existing website to take the hastle off your hands.

Designer Needed

24 January 2012

We are looking for a part / full time graphic designer, preferably in Johannesburg, but can live elsewhere. Should be able to do a little HTML & CSS, and be willing to learn some front end web tricks.

You can be a student or a recent graduate, either way your design style must be a part of your day to day life. Newbie desigers who aren't quite there, this one isn't for you.

Know anyone? Please give us a shout: jobs@entacore.com

Developer Needed

02 December 2011

We are looking for a freelance / contractual web developer with a very specific skill set. Doesn't need to be a guru, but does need to be an obsessive compulsive perfectionist, and comfortable enough to write PHP by hand.

Joomla skills are allowed, but we are not looking for some kind of drag drop 'programmer'.

Know anyone? Please give us a shout: jobs@entacore.com

Social Networking

19 October 2011

It's a great way to get the websites we build, the applications we develop and the electronics our Electronics division sells out there.

Our website is now linked to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and the RSS feed and other integration tools are taking care of bringing it all together.

We are happy to be keeping the internet up to date with the latest news.

New Entacore website!

13 October 2011

Entacore Online released the new website for the whole of Entacore Group, including Entacore Online, Entacore Electronics, Entacore Hosting and Entacore Systems. A new look and feel - compared to old one, it's quite something!

Zigglebell Website up!

10 October 2011

Today we released the new version of the Zigglebell website. It's got a potent CMS and some good galleries. 1 week build time. Take a look at zigglebell.com

Snuko website complete

23 May 2011

We just finished the Snuko South Africa website. It took a little white to integrate with the API, but check it out, it works really nicely: snuko.co.za

To date

22 May 2011

Until today, we have not had a news feed. Now that we have one, we are completely enthusiastic about keeping things current and here for all to see.

To see some of the web applications we have done, have a look at our projects page. Or contact us for an extended list!