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Gerald Meux, Jr. O-Class World record

12 January 2014

Gerald Meux, Jr. set the world O class record at BALLS 2013. Our AIM XTRA system was used for GPS tracking and telemetry.

The AIM altimeter range

17 October 2011

Entacore Electronics sells a range of rocket altimeters and tracking devices, selling in over 11 countries internationally, including USA, Germany, UK, Malaysia, Brazil, Japan, South Africa, Israel, Switzerland, Italy and Canada.

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Entacore Group

Have a look back at the home page to check out our great business structure, and our efforts to ensure that we are the company for YOU to choose!

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About Entacore

Entacore Group is a high technology company focusing on various computing fields.

We were established early in 2007 as a small start-up technology company, and have delivered quality products to various international clients.

Entacore Online

Entacore Online specializes in online development.

Entacore Electronics

Entacore Electronics designs custom electronic devices. The electronics division also markets its own products, noteably the "AIM series" of rocket electronics.

Entacore Systems

Entacore Systems handles large integrated projects spanning multiple disiplines.

Entacore Hosting

Entacore Hosting provides web hosting for small to large clients.