Gerald Meux, Jr. O-Class World record

12 January 2014

Gerald Meux, Jr. set the world O class record at BALLS 2013. Our AIM XTRA system was used for GPS tracking and telemetry.

Everything worked flawlessly and Gerald was able to walk (after driving) right up to his rocket which was more than 10 km away!

The AIM altimeter range

17 October 2011

Entacore Electronics sells a range of rocket altimeters and tracking devices, selling in over 11 countries internationally, including USA, Germany, UK, Malaysia, Brazil, Japan, South Africa, Israel, Switzerland, Italy and Canada.

Entacore's location

16 October 2011

Entacore is based in South Africa, working from Gauteng and the Northern Cape. We work internationally, and employ the use of designers and developers from across the globe. Our products sell in over 11 countries internaltionally.

New Entacore website!

13 October 2011

Entacore Online released the new website for the whole of Entacore Group, including Entacore Online, Entacore Electronics, Entacore Hosting and Entacore Systems. A new look and feel - compared to old one, it's quite something!

AIM XTRA launched

13 October 2011

After more than 2 years development, the AIM XTRA is here. The AIM XTRA is a complete GPS tracking solutions for rocket and other specialist applications.

The XTRA is first commerical flight computer to use dopler readings for ejections, and vertical velocity readings.

ADTV elevator sensor

13 September 2011

Cooperating with ADTV (Israel), Entacore Electronics has produced an advanced elevator sensor capable of determining floor levels without communicating with the building's elevator interface.

This was achieved with inertial sensors and infra-red refelectors.

Similar solutions have been designed, but none come can achieve consistent results for a large number of floors.

The AIM ACCEL will soon retail for model rocket applications.

AIM XTRA doppler ejection

10 July 2011

We have just completed a doppler ejection test with the AIM XTRA (our GPS rocket tracking solution).

To perform the ejection at apogee, the AIM XTRA used doppler shift information from the GPS sattelites to determine accurate velocity (+- 0.5 m/s).

With accurate velocity, apogee ejection becomes trivial! As an added bonus, the maximum altitude is not limited by the atomosphere like barometric bassed altimeters.

We believe this is a first for a commercial model rocket flight computer!

Snuko website complete

23 May 2011

We just finished the Snuko South Africa website. It took a little white to integrate with the API, but check it out, it works really nicely: